Russ – Line Em Up Lyrics (feat. Busta Rhymes)

Line Em Up Lyrics (feat. Busta Rhymes)


Operation touch a b

I heard that money comes in waves they say I drowned at 23

And I’ve been drowning ever since

I might need counseling for this shit

Because I climbed the mountain fast and all I found was just a cliff

The lesson there

Is getting there is way more fun than getting there

But here we are compliantly got INC’s in Delaware

Dodged a couple Guinevere’s

Thank God I got no Lancelot’s

I’m a king I’m well aware

Of who’s inside my Camelot

Couple women tryna bunk with me like threes a company

Yalls crazy ass might be my shot of don but not my cup of tea

Once a week I lose my cool I’m probably downplaying

Gettin head in my trailer before I headline got the crowd waiting

My fault that’s just how I do sometimes I’m reckless

My fault that’s just how they do it down in Texas

To the people I gave love to

Who turned around told me f*ck you

If you don’t heal what hurt you

You’ll bleed on someone who ain’t cut you

Wise words my momma sent

Why you think I’m single still

Ain’t met a chick as solid yet

I paid my sisters college debt

I’m just out here being chosen

Doors of opportunity keep creaking open

Lotta women claiming I’m they boyfriend like they B Simone

When really all we shared was just a fleeting moment

Y’all completely broken

Please just leave me alone it’s gettin kind of weird

One by one (Yeah), two by two

Line ’em up, line ’em up, line ’em up

One by one, two by two

I’ma knock ’em all down, down

[Busta Rhymes:]

Lord have mercy on my soul, I’m ’bout ship a couple of bricks

Ratchet by the Bible, on the dresser, call a preacher, quick

What we do to get this cake? Foul in every way we think

Lay down anything for food, quicker than the eye can blink

Flow, crazy, yeah, these shorties lickin’ coke up off my dick

f*ck the street’s a bitch, blasphemous to say this shit Lord, forgive me, ’cause I know it’s crazy that I had these thoughts

Brag stash in the glove compartment

Hand up in the latest Porsche

Of course, and while she gobble me between the jaws

Money on my mind, lust devil bleedin’ through my pores

Savage with the way we live, sometimes escaping how we suffer

Spendin’ money like we stupid, grindin’ ’til it take me under

Keep my eye on every (Woof), cop the latest Maybach Zeppelin

Keep a [?] for the [?] state of the art, greatest weapons

And though we livin’ reckless, always try avoidin’ dyin’

Cross my heart and hope to live, while I hear my mama cryin’

Mama sittin’ and watch her son just grow from such a little angel

Morphe into a creature, she don’t recognize at the dinner table

Clueless and she can’t explain

How the hell did I become it, nigga with this darkest that do shit and sickness to her stomach

f*ck this shit sittin’ on the surface

Mama know my heart is good

I’m ain’t tryna save myself, I’m busy tryna save the hood

Yeah, I know that’s what they say

Find ourselves in endless trouble

Leavin’ youngins on the strip

Slide on couple hefty bundles

Grown-ups tell me that I’m shameful

How I claim I helped the people

Helpful as the ones creatin’, Heroine

For a junkies needle in one hand, now the other

Like them niggas talkin’ nonsense

f*ckin’ pusssy, [?] money, livin’ foul without a conscience

Sniffin’ coke, occasionally

Lace my weed when gettin’ blunted

Balance out my mental, give a homeless man a crispy hundred

We had church on Sunday, while I’m out here livin’ lies

And feel like the preacher lookin’ at me, steadily replyin’


One by one, two by two

Line ’em up, line ’em up, line ’em up

One by one, two by two

I’ma knock ’em all down, down

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